This site contains some of the work that Dennis Spiteri has produced over the past fifty years, and which can be seen at his Victorian country studio in 'Highlands', about two hours north-east of Melbourne, where he creates his large scale paintings inspired by classical music

The building also doubles as a gallery in which he is able to exhibit his work, which requires a dedicated space in order to accommodate the large size of the individual paintings and the fact that each painting exists as part of a series.

Built in 2004, the creation of the Hillcrest Studio & Gallery has been the fulfilment of a 30-year dream.

The building was designed by Melbourne architect Richard Ekberg. The larger area is the actual studio and exhibiting space, used solely for painting. This section is further divided at the end by sliding doors that enclose a large storage space for the artist's work.

Works on paper are created in the attached smaller room at the front "the workshop", on benches that run around two walls of the room, and look out onto the rolling landscape and distant mountains.

Unless otherwise indicated, visiting the studio is by appointment only.

Gallery News and Forthcoming Events

Dennis Spiteri has been able to exhibit all his past series of paintings in chronological order since the opening of the gallery in 2004.

You are invited to the view ‘Recent Paintings’ a new series of paintings by Dennis Spiteri:

Exhibition runs from Sunday 11th April to Sunday 9th May 2021.
Opening times: 10am – 4pm for the duration of the exhibition.

Please contact Dennis Spiteri for further information.

Pictures at an Exhibition at the Hillcrest Gallery 2004-2015

(see Paintings for complete series)

The Flowers of Evil


The Seasons




A Mass of Life


The Mass

The Planets

Klingsor's Garden